1. The ordered goods are delivered on the territory of the Republic of Poland and in EU countries,
  2. The time of shipping the goods is estimated on the signed Order Form. The Seller will make every effort to ensure that the goods are delivered within the time specified in the Order Form. If it is impossible to deliver the goods within the above-mentioned time, the Buyer will be informed immediately
  3. Due to the prevailing COVID restrictions or other force majeure not dependent on VINGO, the dates may change,
  4. The goods are delivered by safe transport organized by VINGO in cooperation with the selected company. The Seller reserves the right to change cooperating companies both in the territory of the Republic of Poland and the EU,
  5. It is possible to individually determine the conditions of transport, which must be accepted by the Seller,
  6. The cost of delivery of the goods is fully covered by the Buyer, and the price for transport is described in the Order Form,
  7. The cost of delivery of the goods depends on the volume and quantity of the goods transported,
  8. The cost of delivery is binding at the time of ordering,
  9. Upon receipt of the goods, the Buyer is obliged to confirm its receipt with his own handwritten signature in full, legible form
  10. The date and address of delivery comply with the Order Form,
  11. If it is not possible to deliver the goods in a given place and at the agreed time, the Buyer shall pay the Seller ………… for each additional 12 hours of storing the Goods.