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Product discription

The HERON product is a door leaf with a frame, full, smooth, non-rebated, with an adjustable frame.
The leaf is varnished 4 times with dedicated preparations resistant to external damage such as water and temperature. Varnishing is done „smooth” without visible wood structure, semi-matte varnishes with UV filter, which affects the aesthetics and durability of the color of the door.
The structure of all our doors is additionally reinforced with closed, thick-walled aluminum profiles, which results in much greater stability and stiffness of the leaf.


Painted in any color from the RAL, NCS, ICA palettes.

Price & Dimensions

We make doors to any size. The price applies to the dimensions of the recess: height 210 cm, width 100 cm and a wall thickness of 14 cm.
Other dimensions are made for an additional fee determined individually.


The standard set consists of:

  • Door leaf, full, varnished, smooth reinforced aluminum, leaf thickness 50mm, non-rebated – made with pine glue, MDF / HDF door 5mm highly compacted,
  • Adjustable varnished door frame (for the entire given wall thickness up to max 14 cm, wider for an additional charge) – MDF / HDF door frame, highly compacted.
  • Frame seals,
  • A set of door frame bands (4 cm or 6 cm wide),
  • Magnetic lock (key or toilet to choose from) without handles and plates,
  • Hidden hinges with 3D adjustment, 2 pcs,


The type and price of transport is determined individually. Possible transport in Poland and Europe.

Other services

Possibility of making a door leaf up to H = 255 cm, raised upper strips, sliding doors hidden in the walls, double-leaf doors, side and top skylights, raw doors for self-painting (doors hidden in the color of the wall), veneered with technical HPL, stone veneer or wooden.

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