Placing an order

  • The Seller operates at the address: Vingo Sp. z o.o., Równoległa 7/136 Street, 02-235 Warsaw, POLAND,
  • The Seller presents a catalog of available products in person or at the following URLs:,,
  • Contact details of the entrepreneur, enabling the Buyer to contact the Seller:

postal address: Równoległa 7/136, 02-235 Warsaw,
telephone number: +48 733 110 147,
e-mail address:

  1. To successfully place an order with the VINGO Seller, it is necessary for the Buyer to receive an offer,
  2. The offer sent by VINGO is a declaration of will to conclude a contract between the Buyer and the Seller, in accordance with Article 66 of the Civil Code,
  3. The offer sent by VINGO specifies all the required provisions of the contract, accepted by the Buyer,
  4. The offer is sent to the e-mail address provided by the Buyer along with the date of its expiry,
  5. The Buyer is obliged to confirm the acceptance of the offer within the period specified in the offer, by replying to the received e-mail or sending the approval by a separate e-mail to the following address:, entering the offer number. The e-mail must be sent from the address to which the offer was sent,
  6. Within 2 working days from the receipt of the acceptance of the offer, the Seller will contact the Buyer to arrange measurements for the ordered goods,
  7. The cost of the measurement in the province. Mazowiecki is PLN 150 net, in the case of placing an order with the Seller, the Buyer shall not bear this cost,
  8. After making the necessary measurements, the Buyer signs the Order Form,
  9. The order form specifies the goods and services that will be delivered to the Buyer,
  10. The order form, signed with the date, name and surname, may be sent as a scan to the following address: The signed scan is recognized by VINGO as a formal order placement,
  11. The Buyer settles within 4 days from the date of signing the Order Form in accordance with the Payment terms, described at,