Varnished MDF doors | HDF lacquered door

At VINGO Varnished doors, we focus primarily on quality, not quantity. Our family carpentery workshop offer high quality custom interior doors. Each produced door leaf (one leaf or double leaf), adjustable frame and other accesories, is a unique technology that combines smooth varnishing with the craftsmanship of carpentry. As a result, we guarantee the quality and reliability that every interior needs. Internal doors in particular need solidity due to their frequent use. They are particularly vulnerable to mechanical damage, as well as those caused by external factors such as temperature, water vapor, water, UV rays. The production and assembly methods used by us effectively minimize the negative effects, both mechanical and external. VINGO products are perfect for houses, flats and customers who are looking for exceptional quality and reliability for many years.
In our offer you will find many models, but we are also open to original designs and unique orders. As a result, VINGO products are full, smooth, non-rebated door leaves with an adjustable frame. We produce bathroom doors, room doors, kitchen doors, living room doors, sliding doors, double doors and individual doors to the design required by the customer.
Please contact us if you need more information about our products and technology.
We are able to deliver doors in all colors from RAL palette and individual models suitable for you.

Transport: we relay on our own transport but for different countries far away from Poland, we are open to discuss possibilities of delivery.
We do not ship our doors with couriers and we include insurrence into transport costs.

Varnished MDF doors | HDF straight from the carpentry workshop

Drzwi lakierowane prosto z pracowni stolarskiej